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Out of the Beauty Box | MSM Beauty Boxes

Editors posted on 17th December

By Editors

We've all been advised to think out of the box, but we're using our creative licenses {after years of thinking outside the box} and changing that brief. We're asking you to think within the box, and a very specific box at that. And the best part of our brief is, our box is tangible. Here's introducing MSM beauty boxes, proving the second memo of the day - good things come in small packages. We'll save you all the renditions of age-old sage advice and jump right to it.

The MSM box is a subscription based beauty box, that combines the traditional in-store, put-lipstick-on-the-back-of-your-hand-and-foundation-right-next-to-it model with the super accessibility of online shopping. The few behind MSM started their ground work two years ago with an online beauty blog, reporting trends and looks, and curating the best of beauty products. The box launched in October of this year, making convenient the whole process of product shopping. For the sake of over-simplication, think a box filled with a curated bunch of beauty products, ranging from make-up, creams and skin-care, to spa, salon and F&B vouchers. Think a discovery e-commerce platform that will allow the user the opportunity to buy, try and revel in a host of available beauty products. As of now, MSM offers 2 boxes - the MSM Express Box and the MSM Select Box. The MSM Express Box is an introduction of sorts to the beauty box, given its price point and mix of upcoming and more established brands, while the Select Box is for a woman in the know about what she wants, and a penchant for more up-scale, luxurious brands. Typically, a box will contain a full size product, a kit of miniatures, a nail lacquer and lip colour, and a gift voucher. They don't let you choose contents, since the idea is discovery, and contents change every month.

We realise when it comes to beauty brands, women tend to be brand-loyal, with little room for experimentation, but that story might change when a slew of MSM team personally tried, tested and curated products arrives at your doorstep, and allows for the trial and error process to take place at home. This means you can test the products in places they're actually meant to be used. Joy. The back of your hand could get lonely, but maybe a little Kama hand cream can keep it company. So far partnered brands include Kama, Innisfree, Organic Harvest, Colorbar, Catrice, Sephora, Affinity Salons and Spas, and L'opera. And this is in just 8 weeks. They will have new brands month on month, so knock yourself out. Oh, and if you're thinking only minute, air plane sized samples, may we just say, Jack left this box, and left some full-sized products, along with the smaller samples.

Where MSM stands out for us, is how easy they make gifting for the women in our lives. What woman will say no to a range of beauty products she can experiment with, and since it arrives looking near perfect, it minimises work for us. Which is always great.

We've always thought thinking out of the box was overrated.

Where: To start experimenting, order yourself an MSM beauty box here. 

Stay updated with their beauty blog on tips and tricks, here, and for regular updates, follow them on Facebook here. 

Price: INR 495 {Express Box} and INR 995 {MSM Select Box}

This is a Little Black Book Promotion. To find out more, write to us at


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