By Editors

So here’s a thought summed up – “cocktails and small eats that prep you for a big dinner.” Caffe Tonino certainly had our attention, and that of 15 gorgeous ladies.

The first Italian space to have launched the concept, Caffe Tonino gave the ladies tasters of some traditional Aperitivo cocktails and had them take a shot at figuring out what they were drinking – Negroni Wrong, Manhattan and a Spritz.

The ladies went on to team up and make these cocktails themselves; one of the teams actually nailed all three perfectly, and went home with gift vouchers from Caffe Tonino. The ladies then moved on to the Masterchef challenge du jour – plating a typical Aperitivo meal of Crostini with 5 separate toppings, in a super short time span. With detailing right down to the angle of the sliver of Orange on the goat cheese, caramelised onions and walnut crostini, another one of our teams went home with vouchers from Caffe Tonino!

We’re all for a drink or two before dinner. But what these ladies were privy to was how to make sure your dinner guests are ready to do that elaborate meal you spent all day making {or planned with the caterer in 30 minutes – we’re not judging!}, complete justice. And every lady present went home with that skill, but not before they enjoyed some other traditional Aperitivo snacks and another cocktail each. Love them Italians and their ideas!

Check out how it all went down here