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Outdoor Meals, Mud Huts & A Bio Pool: Stay At An Organic Farm Just 70kms From Gurgaon


    Satya Jyoti Farms is the perfect marriage of nature and science. It overlooks the Aravallis and treats visitors to the joys of a quiet farm life. The meals come fresh from the kitchen garden and there’s a bio pool to splash in. What’s more? You can stay the night in their eco-huts that look like they are straight out of a picture book.

    Linger Around Doing Nothing

    It’s a simple set-up that comes in the form of a 28 acre organic farm. Two families stay on the property and manage the kitchen and other everyday farm activities: Poonam the cooking star and Ramesh the farm whiz. The idea is for visitors to cut off from the city and soak in nature in all its beauty and imperfections. You can take a dip in the fish pond, help make wall art, lend a hand with the under-construction hut, plant and harvest in the field or just chill with the farm animals {geese, buffaloes, chickens and co.}. All this is over and above enjoying all the home cooked, wholesome food and lying in the grass obviously. If you’re going with children here, there’s definitely science lessons in bio dynamics and sustainability in order. Ideally, we’d really not suggest rushing things. Plan a weekend and stay at the rustic cottages {think bare white walls, floral curtains and handloom bedsheets}. You might find a lone cane basket or a rudimentary artwork that somehow all come together in a strange symphony.

    Live The Good-For-You Life

    On the farm itself, you can volunteer with farm activities and play Scrabble. You can also choose to walk around the village, observing the quintessential rural life or, some 2kms away, there’s a fort perched on top of a hill.  Vegetarian meals come for an additional cost {INR 800 for three meals and tea per person per day} and if you’re a meat eater, that can be arranged as well. If you want to feel even more at home, you can carry your supplies and fix your own meals. PS: It’s unlike any hotel/resort you’ll ever go to. The pace of life is super leisurely so be prepared for long afternoons of painting in the greens or idle hours stargazing at night. If you’re someone who can’t do without super effective internet or the company of an idiot box, this isn’t the place for you at all. Frankly, be ready to give up room service for lovingly served meals, cartoon channels for colouring books and so on… It’ll be worth it.

    So, We're Saying...

    Pack lentils for your modest home dinners that you can eat sitting in your apartment planning your next nature retreat. It costs less than INR 1,500 a night to experience this idyllic life. Book here.