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    Win a Trip to the Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival

    Kasturi posted on 10 March

    Read on to learn more about how you can win a trip to this stunning music festival in March. There are tickets for two, and a free stay to be won!

    What is It?

    Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival is promising to be a wonderful music festival. It’s close by, over a weekend, and has a fab line-up {and if you sign up below, you can even go for free!}. With the hills cocooning you, and music lulling you, we’re pretty sure this will be a fun outing to gear up for.

    Who is It for?

    For those who want to have a chill weekend with some R&B music. Plus there’s so much to see with the Dagshai Cantonment, Bon Monastery, the Toy Train and more.

    Why Should I Go for It?

    kanchan&thebeardsImage courtesy: Kanchan Daniel & the Beards

    To catch Frisky Pints, Tabla Maestro & Sultan of Strings {feat. Ustaad Fazal Qureshi, Ravi Iyer, with special guest Pt. Ravi Chary on sitar}, Mihir Joshi Band and Shilpa Roa on March 25 {Friday}. Saturday will see us grooving to Kanchan Daniel & The Beards, The Local Train, Massive Vibe Live! and Lesle Lewis {of the Colonial Cousins fame}!

    There'll also be brunch at Kasauli Club on Sunday where you get to listen to Army Pipers and Army Jazz band. The dress code will have to be strictly followed with collared shirts/T-shirts, full length trousers/jeans and shoes {sports shoes not allowed}.

    Anything Else?

    The donor card (entry pass) is for INR 9,500, but if you win the trip, passes and accommodation will be taken care of! You can check out more here. 


    Try Pannu Halwai and Anand Dhaba in Kasauli, and don’t forget to carry an umbrella/rain coat, sunglasses, warm winter clothes and comfortable shoes.

    When: March 25 - 27

    Where: Baikunth Resorts, Village Chabbal, Kasauli; Find out more here. 

    Price: INR 9,500

    Contact: +91 9811268189, +91 9999380203

    Check out their website here. Follow their Facebook page here. 

    More Information

    Location Details

    Village Chabbal, P.O. Garkhal, Tehsil Kasauli, Solan, Himachal Pradesh