[alert type=white ]The Palate Fest Reimagined has been rescheduled for February 2017 given the current geopolitical environment and security situation in Delhi.[/alert]

What Is It?

The food fest known for demolishing the strictest of diet plans, Palate Fest is going to make a comeback in February.

As you might have guessed from the new name, food’s not the only thing on offer this time – it has joined hands with the NDMC Imagine Fest. In short, this means that you can expect your red velvet cakes with the side lashings of literature, fashion, politics, art, theatre and more.

Who Is It For?

Take a guess?  Well, foodies, obviously. But also all their plus ones who get a high from meeting world leaders and learning from their success stories {yeah, people who prefer nuggets of wisdom over chicken nuggets do exist}.

Why Should I Go For It?

While Palate will offer all the fun experiences we’re used to between food {lots and lots of it, actually}, music and tastings, Imagine 2016 will bring together speakers for a host of talks and discussions to acquaint us with the fascinating aspects of our rich culture. To wash down all this knowledge, there’s always a super thick shake {or cold-pressed juice}.

ITC, Jamie’s, Wow Momos, Brown Sugar, Bunta Bar, Big Fat Sandwich, Royal China, Spanish Embassy, Amici, Sushi Junction, Burger Singh, Antidote, Keventers, Circus and Farzi Cafe are some names you can expect to see, dishing out the good stuff to bear bellies.

If all the insightful workshops don’t satiate your thirst, that is. 

Anything Else?

You have the Ministry of Tourism in India to thank for this garden party that will spell a day of unabashed gluttony. 

When: Feb 2017

Where: Nehru Park

Featured photo courtesy: Palate Fest Reimagined