Pamper Your Feet With A Unique Water-Free Pedicure At Aayna

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What Is Aayna?

This is a plush spa + skin clinic + salon located in the luxurious fashion hub in Mehrauli {right next to Manish Malhotra’s boutique}. Dr Simal Soin, the founder of Aayna, is a renowned cosmetic dermatologist and is known for her Thermage and Botox treatments.

Apart from all the derma jazz, the clinic also offers a weight management programme, a soul clinic, and a foot clinic that gives highly unusual {and therapeutic} foot treatments.

What We Tried

The Margaret Dabbs foot treatment. The only spa {at least out of the one’s we’ve been to} that offers a waterless and mess-free {you don’t even have to change your clothes} pedicure! It’s more of a treatment than a pedicure, with emu oil and serums.

The session began with the usual nail-cutting-filing-buffing process. It was quite amusing to see that all of these tools were new and packed; they never re-use their tools. Cuticles were taken care of with yet another amusing machine that sounded like a drilling machine, but turned out to be super gentle.

With some more scrubbing and polishing, the session ended with a relaxing foot massage.

What We Loved

The serums and oil felt rather light on the skin, as opposed to the greasy foot-creams that one has to bear with during pedicures, and my nails looked as shiny as extensions. It’s been a week and they look just as great, and I have no plans of wearing nail paint anytime soon!

Brownie points to them for their hospitality. They indeed make you feel at home, except better.

Who Is It For?

For those who’re looking for a luxurious pamper-session on a weekend, this gorgeous looking spa {with everything under one roof} is the place to be. Apart from their Margaret Dabbs foot treatment, we also recommend their hydra-facial if you’re looking for a rejuvenating facial treatment.

Price: INR 5,500 for Margaret Dabbs Foot Treatment


Aashi is a beauty enthusiast at heart. A true-to-form LSR graduate, her degree in Law, topped with her training as a Kuchipudi dancer, lends her work the gravitas that reflects her flair for the theme.