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Pan Asian’s New Menu Is All Kinds Of Fishy Fun

Kasturi posted on 22 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Pan Asian at Sheraton has a brand new menu, and we just can’t deal with how great it is for seafood and an exquisite brunch. And the best part? It’s prepared right in front of you.

Chow Down

Mango Expression Sushi Roll, Thai Pomelo Salad, Chicken 4 Ways

Sip On

Their wine cellar is excellent; do ask the sommelier for the specials.

Winning For

The live kitchen, live bar and the open teppanyaki grill, and you can also ask the chef for a preparation to be made a certain way. Talk about customisation!

What’s On The Menu

The expansive space done up with wooden furniture and large glass facades on all sides is the perfect place to just sit and sip. Some of the nicest wines have made it to their cellar, and they work quite well with the Karu Maki Roll and the Mango Expression Sushi on the menu.

Try the Thai Pomelo if you’re in for something tangy, though it was a bit on the sour end for us. The Miso Black Cod was beautifully done, which was the perfect blend of fresh fish and lots of flavours. Out of the dumplings, we really enjoyed the Prawn Har Gro and the Vegetable Shanghai Dumpling.

Chef Vaibhav is also trying to work on different ways of presenting a single meat on a single plate; we tried the Chicken 4 Ways, which included skewers, cups and even Bullet Chilli Chicken. Yes, we know that we usually go here for the Thai and Chinese flavours, but the Japanese entrants into the menu are really worth the while.

So We’re Saying…

End your soiree with the Hot Toffee Pudding. Go for the fish and stay for a great afternoon full of wine-and-dine.

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Sheraton New Delhi Hotel, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi

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