Ten Second Takeaway

Josh Talks aim to motivate and inspire you by way of short talks and videos by people who live life on their own terms. Their event on October 30th has entrepreneurs, activists and game-changers taking the stage- you’ll want to catch this.

Taking the mic

To think differently, sometimes you need to hear the story of someone who thought- and acted- out of the box and succeeded. Josh Talks will have the likes of Papa CJ- international Indian comedian, Pernia Qureshi- fashion powerhouse, and Gautum Yadav- an LGBT icon and HIV and human rights activist getting up and telling you their stories.

There’s also Kristin Baddock-empowering local women in the sphere of textiles, and Rajender Singh Rahelu- a 41 year old powerlifter with infantile paralysis. It’s the rawest, truest form of inspiration- all you have to do is listen.

All those q’s

Most of the speakers {there’s ten in total} aren’t all that different from you and me, and besides sharing their stories with you- they’re open to any and all questions. You can catch them in between talks and any time during the day when there’s a break.

We’re looking forward to

The event will be hosted by Abijit Ganguly, one of Delhi’s funniest stand-up comics who’s been a pioneer on the scene. Entertainment? Guaranteed.

We’re always learning- let these speakers add to it!

When: 30th Oct, 2pm- 6pm

Where: Air Force Auditorium, Dhaula Kuan