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Why Full Circle Is One Of Our Favourite Bookstores In The City


    Our love for bookstores knows no bounds. We’re just here to tell you why Full Circle has managed to remain one of our favourite bookstores for so long.

    Stairway To Home

    We’ve been to Full Circle about a gazillion times, and then some, but it was only during our last visit that we realised that this place has always had the most warm and welcoming vibe.

    No matter how many times we take a stroll down the middle lane of Khan Market, we’re always drawn to that bottle green door that leads to the stairs for the bookstore and café.

    Shelfie Show

    The walls are painted such a happy sunshine yellow, it’d be almost impossible to be sad here. There are wooden shelves everywhere you look, shelved with books from new arrivals, bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction,

    You’ll also find handwritten post-its stuck here and there giving you Full Circle’s reccos.

    Leather {Bound} Love

    Right next to their billing desk is a shelf stocked with leather-bound books. There’s the typical brown leather cover which everyone has seen {that also never gets old}.

    But they also have these collectors’ editions of classics {like Black Beauty, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Age of Innocence, and Madame Bovary} that come in pastel pink, grass green, eggplant purple, periwinkle blue, mustard yellow, and many such yummy shades of leather! We’re swooning.

    So We’re Sayin’…

    Head to Full Circle if you have time on your hands and want to be somewhere cosy and quiet on a cold winter day.

    They also have a section at the back where you can find cool gifting items such as notebooks, bookmarks, wrapping paper, greeting cards, essential oils, and lots more.