PaperCircus: For Eco-friendly Paper Wallets, Journals and Scarves


PaperCircus does creative paper products and accessories; they had our attention from the get-go. Be it paper jewellery, wallets or even journals, this is our pick for eco-friendly gifts.

Paper Jewels

Shuchi Mishra was an architect in the making. Always having had the passion for creativity and product design, handcrafted creative products just seemed like the next step for her. PaperCircus is a store based in Gurgaon, where you will find for yourself a bunch of nice handcrafted colourful paper products.

They have earrings, necklaces, wallets, notebooks, and scarves in unique designs, all of which you can easily pick up purely looking at how inexpensive they are.

You Can Afford It!

They have also used wood in some of their products, especially in their key rings and pendants. While they may not look like a high-end store, the charms they sell last for years and those notebooks are intricately illustrated according to your tastes. These eco-friendly products are trendy, affordable, and unique, so it’s perfect for someone a little low on cash but high on enthusiasm when it comes to stationery.

Journaling Our Love

They also do corporate and even bulk custom orders. We are in absolute love with the Stitched Paper Travel Notebooks with 5 Pocket Leaves. We also found the Paper Jewellery to be quite contemporary. Their Jaali Notebooks are cut in patterns {giving them a 3D feel}. They deliver across India and also offer COD.

BRB, ordering that travel journal right away.

Where:  Shop here. 

Price: INR 50 – INR 499

Contact: +91 9650560909 or write to

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