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    Organising A Fun Party? Here Are 8 Things You Need To Be The Perfect Host

    Priya posted on 22 October

    Planning a party is an excruciating affair. Diwali is no easy festival to survive, there are clothes to buy, gifts to take care of, sweets to make, deck up the house; way too much stress. No more! We are telling you how you can arrange for the perfect get together in less than 48 hours like a pro! We have a list of eight items that are a must at the party, get them and you are sorted. Even better is that you can source all these items from Grofers.

    Deck Up The Halls

    What is a party without the set-up? You need lights, some pretty curtains, and a whole lot more. You can get all that right here.

    Lights Out

    It is a Diwali house party after all. You need to light it up, literally. Some candles, fairy lights and beautiful tea lights to get your home party-ready.

    Get Your Drink On

    House parties = BYOB {duh!} but you cannot expect them to get the chasers too. You are bound to run out of them soon enough. Make sure you are sorted with juices, colas, mixers and thereon. Get a truck-load on discount here.

    The Chakna Chronicles

    Is any party complete without some munchies? We think not! You need a ton of it to perfect the balance with the gallons of drinks that will be consumed. Nibbles that you can circulate across the room all through the night and morning. Try some of the options here.

    Who Moved My Meetha?

    That moment when all the drinks and food get too much and you crave something sweet. All you can think of is a bar of chocolate that you can fit in your mouth that very moment. Besides, sweets are also important to keep the spirits high {if you know what we mean}. There’s lots you can get on Grofers: chocolates, cookies, mithai et al.

    No More Dishes

    Nobody wants the pressure of cleaning up after. If you use disposables, you just have to throw them away. No washing dishes or running out of glasses for you! Get everything you would need right here.

    The Right Kind Of Takeaways

    You know what makes you the perfect host? After the party when your guests leave with goodies. And no Diwali is complete without some gifts and sweets. Get your share to give away right here

    The Maid Business

    Once the party is done and the crowd is on their merry way, you have just one thing left…the dreadful cleaning. But this won’t take long, just a couple of hours of attention and then you can sleep for the next 48 hours {you will need it}. Get the cleaners you need here.

    Nothing prepares you for the stress of Diwali but what works is a little help. Just a little bit of planning and fast delivery services; you are ready to host a fantastic party. The next time you want to save some money on everyday groceries, try Grofers. They are available on app and website!

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