Make Up Ruining Your Skin? Try Paul Penders’ Herb-Based Vegan Lipsticks, Shampoos & Lotions


The latest vegan and cruelty-free brand to come to India, Paul Penders Botanicals, is introducing us to organic personal care products for men, women and children. Its range includes everything from body lotions and face mists to lipsticks and soon-to-be-launched eye shadows. The products are derived from 22 herb concoctions including a lot of Indian herbs, Himalayan water and coconuts at a special factory in Dehradun. 

The Natural Course Of Action

Paul was originally a hair stylist doing amazing things to women’s hair. A long time into doing buns and highlights, he decided to move on to something more challenging. On his quest for something beauty-related, he realised that a treasure trove existed in the form of his grandmother’s secret home remedies for lustrous hair and glowing skin. He wanted to share them with the world and tell people that {ladies, gents and children} their beauty and hair care regimes could actually be good for them in the long run.  “I’m not a chemist. I’m a dreamer. I see beauty in unexpected corners and in unconventional forms,” Paul says. And from this thought, he went about mixing and blending {hey morninga, rosemary, avecado, juniper and co.} till he felt ready. The turning point, however, came when, in keeping with the US regulations, he carried bag full of his products to the animal lab for testing. The process made his heart cry and he put his foot down. “I would never ever put animals through this. So cruelty-free products was my only option,” he added. In short, Paul Penders, A US-based vegan beauty brand was born.

No High Mentenance Stuff

We’re chuffed at the variety that exists to make that shift to vegan beauty easier. Whether you’re a makeup noob or a beauty pro, you’ll be spoiled for choice. From basic shampoos and conditioners to foundations and perfumes, you can browse through everything here. You’ll be happy that this brand caters to men and babies too. Introduce bae to to this minimal yet functional stock of organic shampoos and aftershave and he’ll probably see him spend more time in the shower than he ever did. #HopeIsAlive. There’s even a body lotion for babies and a shampoo for them. Check it out here. We obviously couldn’t stop ourselves from ordering and have the verdict on a few products already. We tried the Lavender Body Lotion and it instantly took us back to our grandmother’s dresser that always smelt of talcum powder. The au naturel black mascara is super easy to use and doesn’t clump up like other cosmetic brands we’ve so far been using. The lipsticks, free of harsh chemicals, are luscious and creamy and come in a variety of day {pretty pinks} and night {bold burgundy} shades. More stuff, meanwhile, is on its way.

So, We're Saying...

Gotta say that the products aren’t nonintoxicating in terms of fragrance but hey, we’d let that pass simply because it gives us a chance to be nice to our skin and hair.