We’re Flour-ed By This World’s First Personalised Atta Technology! Thanks To Brown Foods

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Rotis and breads make up for one of the most important parts of our Indian diet. It’s critical to make sure that the flour we’re using is super healthy. Brown Foods, with its illuminating technology-based personalised flour concept, strips off all the harmful ingredients to serve us healthy and flavourful aata. Designed & curated by a team of IIT-Delhi and Stanford alumni, Brown Foods flour offers over 50+ grain varieties that are easily personalised, based on your health and taste preference. 

    Say goodbye to intensive research you had to make to decide the best-suited grains for you. Brown Food makes it so darn easy. All you’ve got to do is fill out a simple quiz that will then process your response and give the right blend of aata from a variety of grains like: ragi (good for diabetes and cholesterol control), oats (good for digestion), jowar(gluten-free), kuttu (packed with antioxidants), Bajra (high in proteins),black channa (immunity booster), all of which are stone-ground.

    Basically, what it does is that it will suggest personalised aata as per your health needs and taste preference. Brown Foods serves 100 percent whole-grain, natural, fresh and stone-ground flour & delivers it at your doorstep. We’re hooked! 

    So, if you’re planning to go all healthy, you can start with these baby steps. Personalise your aata with Brown Foods. It is wholesome, packed with proteins, vitamins and fiber for better digestion. After all, our grandmothers were always right about having flour as fresh as possible to achieve the best health benefits.

    That’s not all, you can create your multigrain bag too by picking from a variety of super grains. Their multigrain personalisation will ensure that your rotis are soft, and taste almost the same (with an added benefit of health!)

    Pro Tip

    For starters, give it a shot with the ‘Make Your Own Bag’ quiz here or simply click on the VISIT SITE button now for a special bag of your own. Additionally, get your own bag of fresh, stone-ground flour from Brown Foods and get additional 10 percent discount on the offer price by using Code LBB10. Stay healthy, stay fit!

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