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Create Delicacies At Home With These 8 Seafood Items

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    Low fat, high-protein and super light; seafood items are known for their dietary aswell as palate-worthy qualities. If you're at the deep end of the weight-scale or love sea food, the following recommendation is definitely for you. Stock up on these and you can finally go into hibernation for the winter.

    Norwegian Salmon Fillet – Skin On


    Grill, pan-fry or roast, the Norwegian Salmon Fillet is healthy {full of omega-3 fatty acids} and bound to overwhelm your taste buds. Toss in the pan with a dash of lemon and you have a great mid-week meal.

    Flown in directly from Norway, you can order the fillet directly to your home, both in Gurgaon and Delhi.

    Price: INR 740 for 250g

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    Mahi Mahi – Skinless


    Fresh off the Andamen coast and shipped directly to your plate, Mahi Mahi is a white fish that pairs well with spicy flavours. Sprinkle some salt and fry it over cooking oil or just toss it on a grill, this super light fish will always leave you wanting for more.

    Price: INR 185 for 300g

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    Emperor Fish Fillet


    Native to the Australian coast, the Emperor fish fillet is low on fat and calories. You can pan-fry it in a skillet over olive oil or bake the fillet in an oven; there’s no way to go wrong with Emperor Fish fillet.

    Price: INR 220 for 300g

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    Deveined, peeled and cleaned with tails on, these prawns are perfect bite-sized food which are low-fat source of proteins. Boil, steam, grill, sauté, bake or deep-fry, you can have prawns hot and cold; use them to add an exotic flavour to the table.

    Price: INR 345 for 300g

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    Though seasoned by the salty water of sea, Scallops are sweet-tasting delicacies enjoyed all over the world. Cooked quickly over a skillet, you can add these to pasta or just have them on the go. Delivered de-shelled to your home, these are fleshy and delicate.

    Price: INR 495 for 250g

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    Vietnamese Basa Fish


    Imported from Vietnam, Basa is a mild-tasting fish; cooked easily and paired well with Indian and Chinese flavours. Braising {fry and stew in closed container} is the best way to cook the Basa. Traditionally cooked in clay pots, you can prepare savoury curries using this one.

    Price: INR 260 for 500g

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    Red Snapper Fillet


    Rich in Vitamin A, potassium and omega-3 acids, Red snapper is an exotic fish which is a lean source of protein. Sear it on a pan or bake in an oven; the textured and fleshy red snapper is a must-have on every dinner table.

    Price: INR 195 for 300g

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    Reef Cod – Skin On


    Very high on nutritive value, Reef Cods are the most versatile fish to cook. Simplest way to enjoy the reef cod is to pan fry it in mustard oil and sprinkle some salt over it; what you essentially have have is a great evening meal.

    Price: INR 295 for 300g

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