Pet In Pain? This Natural Therapy Helps Your Furry Friends With Arthritis, Anxiety And More


If your fur baby’s suffering from muscle, bone or nerve disorders, this natural touch based therapy could help relieve their discomfort.

Healing Touch {Literally}

Nisha Jaggi is a Gurgaon based Bowen therapist who works with humans, dogs and horses suffering from injuries, arthritis, gastro-intestinal problems as well as emotional distress. This therapy approaches physical or emotional stress by skillfully pressing soft tissue {muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia}, without the use of any medication or clinical intervention. There is no external manipulation; it simply allows the body to be in harmony with its natural, healing abilities.

Nisha’s humane treatment has shown exceptional results with animals suffering from either paralysis or muscle/bone degeneration. She helps with rejuvenation, and improving mobility through soft tissue revival. A session usually lasts between 30-45 minutes, working on their emotional, mental and physical needs. It’s heartbreaking to see your pet in agony, and we were excited to find out that his treatment particularly helps with pain relief. Nisha mainly works with dogs and we’ve heard a bunch of her success stories with her patients, Bowen therapy has made a lot of pets {and pet parents} very happy.


So, We're Saying...

You can check out her Facebook page and also see some of the incredible work she’s done with animals so far.

You can call her to schedule an appointment on +91 9810039333