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Pollution In Delhi: Here's A Way To Do Your Part


You’ve read the news, you’ve seen the smog, you can feel your eyes burning and your throat choking, and you feel helpless.

We felt the exact same way, which is why members of the LBB Crew signed these petitions. Do any of these causes resonate with you? Is there another petition we’ve missed out on signing? Let us know in the comments below. #MyRightToBreathe

Give The Govt Suggestions

This petition by Cabinet Minister, Kapil Mishra, is asking you, the people of Delhi, what measures the government should take to curb pollution. If you have an opinion, here’s where to voice it.

Ban Firecrackers

They’re urging not only the responsible authorities but also the people, to put a ban on crackers for a safe future. Sign here.

Stop The Burning Of Paddy Fields In Punjab

This is an extremely harmful practice {burning paddy stubbles} by our farmers in Punjab to get their fields ready for the winter crop. It kills children, the elderly and practically everybody who breathes this toxic Delhi air filled with particulate matter way beyond permissible levels. Sign here.

Love Delhi? Stop Polluting It

Transportation, deforestation, combustion — this one talks about it all, and suggests measures to counter pollution. Read more and sign here.

Demand Better Air Quality Testing is urging you to tell the Central Pollution Control Board to set up more air quality testing centres. This is the only way the government can make informed decisions on how to tackle the menace of air pollution. And this information is the only way citizens can know when and how to take action to protect themselves from the impact of air pollution. Sign here.