Peek-A-Boo! We Found Piccolo Piglet And We Won’t Hide It From You!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Whether you’re a new parent or looking for cutesy pieces for your toddler, this brand won’t disappoint! We’re talking about our latest obsession for Piccolo Piglet’s adorable range of clothing options even though we’re well past infancy. We absolutely love that Piccolo Piglet does gender neutral clothing. Once we stop projecting opinions of what kids are supposed to be like, it allows them freedom to express themselves -- and that’s what Piccolo stands for. Playful expression, just the way your kid would like it!

    They’ve got everything from Hoodies, Track Suits, Skirts and Summer Sets to Bodysuits. If you’re someone who takes their baby’s clothing seriously, you’re at the right place! Thoughtfully crafted for infants and kids upto 8 years old, their clothing range for kids is stylish and promises to keep your kiddo comfortable everywhere. Brownie points for being affordable AF with prices starting from INR 800!

    Piccolo stands for sustainability and what that allows you is the freedom to use and reuse these options not just for your first born but their younger siblings too! Scroll through their website (we enjoyed doing that!) and you’ll discover the versatile, playful and cutesy vibe that each garment carries. All pieces are made from 100% cotton -- soft on the skin-- perfect for your munchkin. Bang on customer service, cute personalisation, and all of it at a reasonable price, quite a bargain eh? We’re not kid-ding!

      Available Online