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On the Right Track | Gratitude by Pippin

Kartik posted on 07 November

By Kartik Mahajan


Pippin doesn't exist. Not in the physical world that we inhabit at least. In a parallel dimension that is populated with animated characters of all shapes and sizes, and I suppose species too, Pippin is a music producer. Rumour has it he runs an underground smuggling operation for cartoons too, but I'd rather not talk about that here. Inspired by Mount Kimbie, Flume and Burial, Pippin's sounds are designed to 'delight the mind'. If you ask Pippin what kind of music he makes, he says it's '2-step, post-dubstep and indie tunes'. Yea I know… well, what do you expect? He is a cartoon that looks like Shaggy {yup, of Scooby Doo fame!}. For those of you headed to the Bangalore edition of the NH7 weekender, expect a slamming live show on the 23rd of November, that's likely to make you get up and dance, no matter what kinda brownies you ate before the show.

Featured here is Pippin's track 'Gratitude'. You will recognise the sample from Dido's 'Thank you' at some point. It's a mellow groove that is sort of given direction and led by the bassline. It toys with you for a little while, and then says 'get up and dance' towards the end. Good stuff.

Click here for Pippin's Facebook page.