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Plan Ahead: Here Are All The Long Weekends In 2017

Urvee posted on 30 November


2016 was the worst—we’re looking at you Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali & Christmas — but there’s hope yet. Here’s your handy list of all the long weekends in 2017 coming your way, because it’s never to early to get cracking on those travel plans!

Republic Day

Thu, Jan 26

Go To: While not technically classified as one of the “long weekends”, we say, take Friday off and drive out to any one of these forts.


Fri, Feb 24

Go To: Corbett! There are so many great options, including this one and these ones.


Mon, Mar 13

Go To: Nowhere. It’s Holi!

Ram Navami

Tue, Apr 4

Go To: Yup, gotta take Monday off for this, but hey, when you’re chilling at Jilling, who cares?

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti, Good Friday

Fri, Apr 14

Go To: Someplace special with bae. Give these romantic getaways around Delhi a shot.

May Day

Mon, May 1

Go To: Somewhere you can gorge. Check out our list of road trips for the food lover.

Ramzan Eid

Mon, Jun 26

Go To: Old Delhi and eat some amazing kebabs.

Janmashtami & Independence Day

Mon, Aug 14 & Tue, Aug 15

Go To: The Lodge At Wah, for an amazing chai and mountains experience.

Gandhi Jayanti

Mon, Oct 2

Go To: Spend that moolah at Atali in Rishikesh.

Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdashi, Diwali, Balipratipada & Bhaiduj

Mon, Oct 16 – Fri, Oct 20

Go To: Firstly, if you want to take advantage of this glorious, looooong holiday, we suggest you start getting religious real quick. If you manage to pull it off, you must go for this trek . Believe us when we say – it’s the experience of a lifetime.


Fri, Dec 1

Go To: Bhimtal, and jump off a cliff. 


Mon, Dec 25

Go To: Nowhere! It’s Christmas…stay home and throw a party.