Last Minute Trip? Head To These 8 Countries Which Offer Visa On Arrival

Sunaina posted on 15 June

Bored of the same vacay spots and want to expand your horizons a little {literally}, this summer? We suggest you book those air tickets, pack your bags and head to these fabulous places outside India, absolutely hassle-free as they offer visa on arrival.


The land of temples, Wats and quintessential bachelor getaways, Thailand offers visa on arrival for Indians. It’s actually home away from home and has some exquisite places to check out. Make sure you have booked your return tickets and have close to 10,000 bahts on you.

Visa Cost: INR 2,250 {approx.}


Cambodia is every traveller’s dream destination. If you’re an ardent nature lover, you will love the wildlife it has to offer. A must visit place though is the Angkor Wat temple.

The visa on arrival is given for 30 days for Cambodia. All you need to have with you is a passport sized photograph, enough money to travel through Cambodia and booked return tickets.

Visa Cost: INR 1,286 {approx.}


Indonesia, the land of clear white waters and beautiful scenic experiences should definitely be on your travel list. You must explore Mt. Batur, an active volcano, on the island of Bali. Bali is another beautiful place you can head to, to explore beautiful coral reefs and beaches.

Indonesia offers visa on arrival as well. You get a maximum of 30 days with the visa given. All you need to have are sufficient funds to travel the country and booked return flight tickets.

Visa Cost: INR 1,607 {approx.}


Macau is shopping paradise for shopaholics who look forward to splurging without guilt for a good vacation. Macau, also the Vegas of Asia, has some casino and gambling hubs you can spend hours at.

Although visa on arrival is not charge-able for people travelling from India, you have to have booked return tickets and proof of sufficient funds to travel the country. You get 30 days to see this beauty.

Visa Cost: Free


Maldives demands that you leave all your troubles behind and travel to the land of pristine beaches with clear blue waters. Known for under water experiences like snorkeling and top diving, Maldives is for all you water babies.

The visa on arrival is free of cost and is valid for 90 days. If you’re heading here without prior hotel bookings then you need to carry INR 1,928 {approx.} in order to enter Maldives. Make sure you have your return tickets with you.

Visa Cost: Free


Known for its beaches, islands and lagoons, Mauritius is the world’s most sought after travel destination. You can explore beautiful mountainous terrains or swim in crystal clear waters, visit national parks with varied wildlife or go on long hiking trails. Definitely visit Chamarel, a small village known for its colourful sand!

Visa on arrival gives you a 60-day stay, provided you hold confirmed accommodation bookings, a sponsorship letter and of course return tickets. You also have to have INR 6,500 {approx.} per person to travel around the country.

Visa Cost: Free


Nepal, a haven for mountaineers, has some beautiful places you can trek to. With its proximity to India, it should be on your list of places to visit even if you don’t have all the time in the world.

Indians get a single entry visa, which is granted for 150 days and all you need to carry is your identification proof {passport, drivers license or your Aadhar card}

Visa Cost: Free


A popular destination for newlyweds, Seychelles has the most exotic beach destinations in the world.

For the visa, all you need to carry your return flight tickets, proof of accommodation and INR 9,642 {approx.} per person, per day.

Visa Cost: Free