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Wanna Party

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun | Planning a Bachelorette

Richa posted on 13th November

By Editors

Since time immemorial, men have had some version of a bachelor party. Whether it’s just a few beers while watching football or playing poker, or a full blown drunken party with strippers, {for those who didn't/couldn't travel back in the day, it was usually mujra ladies} or gorgeous belly dancers.

Move over gentlemen! If we’re tying the knot, we’re going to be milking our last days of singlehood with our girls, with a party of our own. A lot of guys do not seem to be okay with this concept and from those who won't openly admit it, we've heard excuses like “Baby, it’s not safe to go out with just the girls” or “Baby, why would you want to look at another man naked?”

News flash ‘baby’ – while bachelor parties may be just about booze and dancing women {for argument’s sake, let's assume fidelity is a given}, and T-shirts that read ‘Game Over’, bachelorettes are exactly what they claim to be – unadulterated girl time. And if you’re thinking pillow fights in satin shorts and camisoles… it's only the tip of the iceberg.

Wild and crazy, or sober and relaxing – take a look at some of the ideas we’ve come across, and make your last few days of single hood exactly what you want them to be |

Private Party |

A room full of your besties and some potent shots will pretty much do the trick, but here are some ideas to add a little something for the bride-to-be |

  • Props | You've all watched chick flicks like Bridesmaids, you know the drill - there's the sash, the tiara, the gloves, the veil, the buttons with sayings on them. It just isn’t a party without all the paraphernalia. Delhi now has its very own one-stop-shops for these party supplies. Our favorite though, is the one place that'll custom make sashes for you - Wanna Party {Shivalik-Panchsheel Road, 011 66261910} so let the copywriter in you loose! If you don't have the time to run around and are looking for home delivery, here's an option we know some people have used- Click here.
  • Games | For the brides that just won’t dish, there’s always bachelorette party games! Personal questions, sex information, tips for the bedroom – the list of bachelorette games is endless. Ask the groom-to-be personal questions about his fiancé {in advance} and at the party, ask her to answer the same questions the way she suspects him to have answered; Never Have I Ever is another great game to kickstart the evening - by the end of this one, she'll probably volunteer information!
  • Novelty cakes | The city is teeming with novelty cake and cupcake makers – let your imagination go wild. Our suggestion – little cupcakes with the male package {cream filled}. We did them for a girlfriend, and we had strangers at a bar walk up to us to ask for them! {The cupcakes that is!}. For LBBD's pick of bakers, click here. 
  • Mock Wedding Night | If the bride-to-be is particularly frisky {or too big of a prude}, this one’s a must-do! Get a hold of an inflatable doll {if you don’t want to buy one, make your own at home! Lie down on an old sheet, folded in half, and have a friend draw an outline of you. Cut the outline, stitch around it and stuff it with old clothes/socks etc}. Give the bride to be 10 positions from the kamasutra and… you get our drift.
  • Private Screening | If you’re good with movie maker or IMovie, pick your favorite ‘exotic movie’ sequences, paste them together, slap a cheesy track behind it, and screen it at the party. Always hilarious! If you can photoshop or morph images - well, the party just got so much better…


Out in Public |

Heading out for a night on the town, or just spending the day together… make it personal for the bride-to-be.

  • Party Central | It’s her night! Parade her around bars, and get her chatting with men. If she can get them to buy her a drink, {or a fair few drinks}, even better.
  • Pimp that Ride | Organize a limo pick up for the bride-to-be. Rented by the hour or every 4 hours, limos pack in anywhere between 6 to 10 girls, so spend your night being driven around in style. It isn't the most reasonable proposition though, so plan accordingly! If this is the route you are going though, contact Gurjit at LAC Auto Designers at 9810525404.
  • Coyote Style | Set up a table dance/ dance on the bar for the bride-to-be before hand. It takes a little work to charm your way into it, but hey, it has been done in Delhi.
  • Massage Therapy | Keeping it small and intimate? Head off to a spa with the girls. Relax, unwind {and possibly recover from the previous night} with massages in private or couple therapy rooms. Check out some of our experiences here.
  • Class Act | Take a belly dancing class together. A few new moves never hurt anyone, and her groom will be sending you a thank you present! Our favorite spot for these classes is with Meher Malik and her super sexy team at Banjara School of Dance {# 9899851475}
  • Sex Ed | Head into Chadni Chowk or other areas of old Delhi for a meeting with an old school sexologist. These can be hilarious… and surprisingly informative! While we do not have a favorite here, we encourage this after having heard some incredible tales from friends.
  • Bride Basket | Go on an aphrodisiac shopping spree. Collect aroma oils, gels, flavored condoms, incense, lingerie, props, satin sheets etc and make the bride to be a basket of the best that there is out there. We're talking Forest Essentials, Good Earth, La Senza, Lush… anything that smells and feels good.


Out of Town |

Delhi not working for you? Get a group together and get out of town. Goa is always fun, and for crazier parties, Koh Samui and Phuket  {Thailand} have super affordable villas with private pools. All the ingredients for a perfect vacation with the girls!

  • Inside Story |  Organize a personal shopper at a Victoria's Secret or La Senza, or any other lineage shop, and make a day of choosing naughty lingerie and having the bride-to-be try it on.
  • Naughty Toys | While you might not be able to bring some of these back to Delhi, but the more sober stuff like naughty dice and feathered handcuffs are easy to carry back. We’ve even picked up some male anatomy shaped pasta, whistles and egg stencils {place in the frying pan, break an egg into it and voila!} Yup – there’s no telling what you might find!
  • Strip Clubs | Drinks, Dancing, Dudes - need we say more.
  • Book of Debauchery | This is going to be a trip to remember - take lots of pictures of your vacation, and make notes of silly stuff your girlfriends do or say under the influence of alcohol. Many a hilarious memory or legendary term is coined on a bachelorette trip, and even the most quite, sober bride-to-be will give you enough fodder to make her a crazy fun coffee table book/album.


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Wanna Party

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