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Planning To Run The New Delhi Marathon? Here's How You Should Train

Mary posted on 3rd February

If running away from our responsibilities counted as marathon training, we're sure winning would be a piece of cake for us.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case, and we need all the help that we can get. And if you're like us, fret not because adidas is set to provide you with some expert guidance through its training videos. Excited? Let's start with the basics. 

Start Small And Go Big

Running isn't rocket science, but it's important that you set targets that are reachable. Start small instead of psyching yourself out by taking on big challenges. Maybe you can start by getting out of bed 30 minutes before your usual time and head out for a quick jog. Just increase your run and things will slowly begin to get easier. 

Always remember that even the best of runners had to start somewhere and in the end, these small steps will result in big gains. 

Technique Matters

When you have a long-term goal, like running a marathon, it's important to practise using the right techniques. Whether it's tiny things like keeping your hands at your waist or maintaining the right posture, everything plays a pivotal role in helping you achieve your goals.

Strength Is Everything

Why is this important? Because runners need to be athletic and strong, so that they can make the process of running injury-free.

In fact, you can effectively reduce your chances of injuries just by practising strength training for 10-20 minutes a day. Remember; while building your endurance through running, it's really important to reduce all that wear and tear, which you can do by exercising right.

Stay Motivated

We all have crazy schedules that can make running a marathon just something on our bucket list, but staying motivated with the right kind of guidance can really help your cause. If you can’t convince your friends to join you, you’ll find plenty of communities in the city with like-minded people running towards the same goals as you.

You could also check out these videos that will give you the A-Z of everything running. Check them out here

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