Plant Parents, Fret No More: Get These Plant Food Sticks Home Now!


What Makes It Awesome

Love plants but find it difficult to keep them thriving? Then these plant food sticks by LazyGardener are exactly what you need. A perfect blend of balanced nutrition especially crafted for your potted plants. It comes in the form of short sticks, like a crayon. Insert the sticks in the pot, and rest assured that your plants are getting fed for the next 2 months.
The plant food sticks come in two variants. GreenStix is for lush green foliage, healthy indoor plants and green leafy vegetables. BloomStix is for flowering plants, plants with colourful leaves and fruiting plants. 
With our busy lifestyles, we neglect the care that plants need. Lazy Gardener plant food sticks are a boon for urban gardeners, amateurs and the experienced. Stop starving your plant babies and feed them now.


Hurry now and get 40% off on the trial pack, because it’s everything your plant needs from you.