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    From Chia Seeds To Dark Chocolates, Find Organic & Low Calorie Ingredients Here

    Vandita posted on 21 June

    What Did I Like?

    Have you been advised to use Ragi flour for increasing Calcium content in diet or have read about benefits of Chia seeds for staying fit but confused where to buy all the stuff from? You can procure all organic and nutritious stuff at Nature's Basket. They have all the food ingredients which you would want to buy for your kitchen inventory. Starting from Baked Kachoris to Soya Matthis. The number of variants available here are unmatchable. The berries which are popular super foods are readily available in packets. All type of flours are available like Barley atta, Chana atta, Bajra etc. which you can combine and make your own Multigrain flour. Organic sugar-free Ice cream to low cal yoghurts, you will find everything at this one shop. Different bakery items made of different flours combined with flax seeds are great. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are also available here.

    What Could Be Better?

    A perfect place if you believe in organic food and are thinking to reduce calories in diet. You can buy all stuff from here.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Make a to-buy list before you go to shop. It would ease the shopping process.

    Anything Else?

    Fond of sauces, you will find all the variants like Peri Peri to Imali Chatpata there and more organic ones too. Bakery items like breads and buns are also available which are topped with Omega rich Flax seeds and Sunflower seeds. Read about increasing antioxidants in your diet, don't know how? Pick some dark chocolate available at the store. Extremely delicious and can combat your chocolate craving. In nutshell, it's a good place to fill up your kitchen pantry when you have plans to eat healthy.