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Welcome to the Future: Pod Taxis are Coming to Gurgaon

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Pod Taxis are coming to Gurgaon!

The National Highways Authority of India has been considering this personal rapid transit {or PRT} for a while now and has finally given the green light for such a project – in Gurgaon.

This pilot network covers about 13 kilometres from the borders of Gurgaon and Delhi to Badshapur Mod {on Sohna Road}. The project is cost an estimated INR 850 crores, and bidding for rights to build it will open in the next few weeks. Authorities are hoping for large bids from global, private companies. These companies are expected to cover the cost entirely.

The route has 16 planned stops and the pods fit five people, and will run on an average speed of about 60 kmph. Say goodbye to traffic jams and hello to the future!