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    Poets and Pints: A Commune of Booze-loving Poetry Buffs


    Poets and Pints is a community of poets and poetry enthusiasts who get together on a host’s terrace and make a BYOB event out of it.

    The trigger

    Poets and Pints was inspired by an event in northern Ireland, where the students of Queens University got together at a local bookstore every month and had BYOB {bring your own book AND booze} poetry reading sessions. We’ve also heard of similar underground events that have taken place throughout history for musicians and artists.

    Charge of the night brigade

    So, Anuj Gupta, Arkupal Ra Acharya, Shayer Majumdaar, Pragya Lal and Shreya Gupta got together during the first year of their Master’s and made poetry come alive, with people drinking and grooving to the rhythm of words. They believe that poetry is not something that only exists on a page, but something that one can connect to intrinsically. This is also the reason these terrace get-togethers are areas of no judgement, and are spaces to express oneself {so leave behind that stage fright.}

    Why you should go

    If you like poetry and don’t want to spend money on cover charges and taxable alcohol, this is a fun place to hang out. Any person can join in, since the whole idea is to spread poetry. The most unexpected part of the whole process is the number of people that turn up from all over the city, even on a North Campus terrace, to celebrate poetry.

    The community recently released a chapbook with all the poems that have stood out over the last three get-togethers. Get yours today.

    Where: Location is announced prior to event

    Price: Free

    For regular updates, follow their Facebook page here.

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