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Pooja Dhingra's Pop-Up Is Now LIVE On LBB Shop And I.Am.Screaming!


Our newest, and most awesome collaboration yet is with someone who literally needs no introduction - you might know her as the Macaron Queen of India, the Instagram OG, or the Founder & CEO of Le15.... or just the best pastry chef you'll ever meet. You guessed it - we're officially launching Pooja Dhingra's Pop-Up on LBB.IN/SHOP πŸŽ‰ 

WHAAAATT? Tell me more

Everything you'll find in the Pooja's Pop-Up on LBB.IN/SHOP has been personally handpicked and curated by her, and is handcrafted by awesome local brands across India- Marcus Taurus, The August Co, Krita & Penna and so many more. For people from all faces of life, promoting body positivity for all shapes and sizes, this collection has gram-worthy macaron t-shirts, hand-painted shoes with her (and your) favourite desserts sprinkled all over 'em! And if you know Pooja, you know all about her France obsession. So this collection would be dead as a doornail without some Eiffel Tower earrings, right?

Apart from cutesy and quirky prints, you can also score some trend-setting styles on Pooja's Pop-Up On LBB. Her wrap dress obsession is real, so you'll spot lots of glam Saturday-night dresses and even easy, breezy day dresses in pretty pastels and a whole lot more.

So, whatcha' waiting for?

Go crazy shopping now!