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Very Important Portraits | Win VIP Passes to India Art Fair '15

Editors posted on 19th January

The seventh annual and South Asia's leading art fair for modern and contemporary art, India Art Fair, is round the corner, but you know what's closer? The chance to win yourself VIP passes. Artful. We know.

LBB and The Portret Project are coming together to give 3 LBB readers the chance to win two VIP passes each for IAF '15, but since someone, somewhere is already starving for their art, we think its only fair to make you work. Just a little.

Play by the rules

All you have to do is guess the artist by their self portrait.

We're presenting five artists in total, anyone with more than 3 correct answers could stand to win themselves VIP status at the India Art Fair.

And since art is forgiving, we've decided to be as well.

You can enter as many times as you like, and by a stroke of luck, the passes could be yours.

Bonus points for social media moguls and sharers alike.

Get started!

This contest is now closed

More about the awesome folks at TPP

As for the amazing crew behind The Portret Project, they're one of the city's younger galleries, driven by a love for portraiture, making their presence and portraits felt at India Art Fair this year. Founded in 2013, they look at the transformation of the art form over time and attempt to re-define the direction in which its moving. They work with a wide range of artists, 7 of whom will be on display at the IAF. If you care to capture your VIP status at the IAF like a true Dilliwaala, The Portret Project  {TPP} can have your own portrait commissioned.

To learn more about The Portret Project, check out their website here and their Facebook, here.

To find out more about The India Art Fair, click here.