By Suchita S.

You know you’re a 90’s kid if your room/home/office space features at least one old-school movie poster. I’d put my money on it being one of the following – Jurassic Park, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pulp Fiction, Godfather, and if you’re really hipster and Indie, then Amelie or some such foreign language flick. Posters, apart from being reminders of simpler days and great movies, have today become one of the most accessible and easy to consume forms of art. They’re affordable, add spunk to a space, and definitely don’t require a course to understand an apparent or hidden meaning. Capitalizing on their popularity, along with creating an opportunity for artists to merchandise their artwork, is – a website that delivers poster art and prints to your doorstep.

I was introduced to Artigo by Facebook – a wall post with a picture of framed posters led me to their website, and that’s when the hour long browsing began. They have an extensive range of movie and travel posters, picture postcards of covers of New Yorker, Vanity Fair and DC Comics, and a sparsely filled ‘Artist Portfolio’ page, which they’re stocking up on over the next couple of months. They also have a customization section where one can create a collage of posters, or a custom poster!

What instantly caught my eye was their selection of Vanity Fair cover prints on postcards. I’ve grown up reading the magazine, and to get a piece of its past is pretty awesome. Initially, I was a little skeptical about ordering something that could turn out to be a terrible, plagiarized print. But I got in touch with the folks at Artigo, and they tell me that licenses are obtained from international vendors who specialize in curating and restoring posters. Posters and postcards aside, I’m intrigued by the artist portfolios they add to their repository. There’s a bunch of mind-blowing local poster art that’s available, and that’s something that Artigo can become instrumental in promoting. From what they tell us, over the next couple of months they’ll be¬†adding new art, postcards, digital pieces and Bollywood photographs and posters to their portfolio and introducing a new concept called “Story Cards”.

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We’d log on to to get vintage-inspired prints of travel posters and magazine cover prints of Vanity Fair and New Yorker delivered to our doorstep. I’m most keen to see the local artists they bring on board.

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Price | Picture postcards at INR 65+ and movie posters at INR 750+; customized orders on request