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Pour And Mix! Now Make Great Cocktails At Home In Just Two Steps!

    What Makes It Awesome:

    Missing bar hopping and cocktail nights with your buds as much as we do? Kinda looks like we’ll be at home for a few more months, so why not bring home a hassle-free cocktail making experience? You have got to get your hands on Drinktales! Be it for a Friday drinks night, a small IPL screening at home or just a cocktail to go with your brunch, the people at Drinktales ensure you don’t miss going out anymore! 

    Started by three friends who love mixing cocktails and wanted to simplify the art of making one, they came up with the idea of cocktail crystals. Pour your choice of booze and add these crystals to your drinks and ta-da! No more stress of trying to find the perfect liqueurs, bitters and mysterious base spirits. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your gorgeous mix! Drinktales has four flavours available -- Old-fashioned, Chilli Margherita, Mint-Daiquiri and Cosmopolitan. The product and packaging are super nifty - easy to carry around (for sudden day-drinking plans) and easier to make. 

    How does it taste? Super authentic, and Drinktales promises that it’ll love you back just as much as you'll love it. The cherry on the top is their range of gift boxes curated for special occasions like birthdays, date nights, bachelor and bachelorette parties which are hardly ever complete without the magic potions. The box contains eight mixer sachets, a shaker, measurer, set of four coasters, a fridge magnet (because every great party deserves a souvenir) and eco-friendly straws and stirrers. The cocktail crystal sachets are for INR 50 each and they ship across India. Place your orders now! 


    Drinktales offers a monthly subscription plan which means that you’re sorted for a long time. They also offer a loyalty program, so collect points, avail gifts and all things great! Also check out their Facebook and Instagram for more information. In the meantime, stay home and stay safe!