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Power Breakfasts And Delicious Lunches With Joocy In Gurgaon

Aditya posted on 09 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Living the corporate ‘thug’ life in Gurgaon means you probably miss breakfast. But, fuelling you through the six-day work schedule is food start-up Joocy that delivers some stellar food straight to your doorstep.

Chow Down

Butter Chicken Rice, Lamb Sliders and Mango Pancakes

Winning For

Serving world food without us having to even step outside {what else do we need, right?} Joocy keeps it fresh with a fun menu that they constantly switch up so your meals are never boring.

Never Miss A Meal Again

The food gets a good rep for two things – it’s been prepared with fresh, seasonal produce and it’s always delivered hot and Joocy. We tried a whole assortment of options – both breakfast and lunch – and here is the low down.

We started our meal with the mango pancakes that were perfectly fluffy; once mango season is over {winter is coming}, they’ll switch up their pancakes and we’re sure those variants will be yummy as well. Wake yourself up with their cold brew coffee, which should be out for delivery this month.

For lunch, we tried the Butter Chicken Pulao, Grilled Fish With Mango Mint Salsa, Burrito In A Bowl and an assortment of sliders. Special mention for the mashed potatoes, with the fish, that were so good we actually licked our spoons clean. The lamb sliders are perfect for any mid-day cravings and were quickly demolished.

Full tummies later, we were rather happy with our meal and felt a nap coming on.

So, We’re Thinking…

Breakfast or lunch, we think Joocy has sorted both for you now. Order from here and maybe you can earn a few brownie points when the boss takes a bite from your meal.

Currently only delivering in Gurgaon, we can’t wait for Joocy to drive down to Delhi.

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