What Is It?

Pagal Haina and Big Bad Wolf present one of the most loved names on the Indian independent music scene – Prateek Kuhad. He’ll be strumming his guitar and making us go all gooey with Raat Raazi, perhaps some songs from Tokens and Charms and just amazing acoustics.

If you’re game, you’d better be booking your seat at Kamani Auditorium {Sept 28} now. Here’s where to go.

Who Is It For?                     

Those who know Prateek and like what he does with his guitar. And for those who don’t mind folksy, pop-rock and minimal with a side order of thoughtful lyrics. If we were to put in our two cents, we’d say his music is perfect for times you want to listen to something sweet and mellow {holding hands with bae, maybe}.

Why Should I Go For This?

It’s a chance to relive fond memories if you remember his music from one of the many popular music festivals he’s played at. Plus, Kamani will be packed with Prateek fans, so you can bask in a sense of camaraderie with people who appreciate the same music as you.

Lastly, the concert is on a Wednesday so it can put the zing into Hump Day before you’re ready for Friday night shenanigans.

Anything Else?

If you’re under 21, you get a discount on the INR 800 ticket {make sure you’re carrying a valid photo ID though}. Still not convinced? You can hear his latest compositions on his page and then take a call.

When: Sept 28

Where: Kamani Auditorium, 1 Copernicus Marg

Timings: 7.30pm onwards

Featured photo courtesy: Parizad D