Pink Salt, Blood Orange & More: These Chocolates Come In So Many Exciting Flavours


We found a brand that's doing amazing, premium quality chocolates in all kinds of exciting flavours. Queen & Bee's got handcrafted, delicious chocolates for you to gorge on.

What Makes Them Awesome

Born out of a passion for healthy eating, Queen & Bee was started in order to provide women with healthy, delicious snacks during ‘that’ time of the month. They came up with delicious chocolates you can enjoy in a variety of interesting flavours like Himalayan pink salt, chilli, rose, salted caramel, chilli and cinnamon and more. They've also got blueberry white, blood orange dark chocolate and crispy banana milk chocolate.

You can also subscribe to their chocolate boxes. They also do organic forest honey, coffee and granola mix. We love how they're promoting healthy snacking. The founder, Manshu Ahuja, named the brand ‘ Queen & Bee’ because of their women only manufacturing team from Alwar.

What Could Be Better

We wish there were more size options for their chocolates.