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Project Over Night

    Project Over Night: Using Waste to Make Sustainable Bow Ties

    Kasturi posted on 19 August


    A move into environment-friendly accessories, Project Over Night’s bow ties are organic, colourful and completely sustainable. And not to forget, they add a lot of personality to your outfit.

    A wasted opportunity {NOT}

    Project Over Night {PON} is a company that thinks of modern design in terms of how sustainable everyday items can be. Subinay Malhotra, a product designer, and Pallav Chaudhary, a textile designer, got together and came up with the idea of fashion accessories for men and women, using waste. You heard us right. They have been hand making wooden bow ties using waste cloth and reclaimed wood. The waste cloth comes from Pallav’s Shibori work and the wood from Subinay’s other design projects.

    What we love

    Since each of the pieces is handmade, you can expect exquisite finish. We love the bright colours of blues and pinks, and the wooden contours. Other products are up and coming as pilot projects under PON, and we are so looking forward to them.

    What’s more

    With 10 different shapes and various colours already part of its repertoire, PON has promised us a new edition, which will consist of tie and dye techniques on the fabric. These are super economically priced and are delivered across India. So what are you waiting for? Christmas?

    Where: Check them out here.

    Price: INR 500 per piece

    Contact: Email them at and, or call 090134 22226

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