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    #QuickBites: 6 Wholesome, Guilt-Free Dishes That Will Come Straight To Your Doorstep

    Nikita posted on 12 December

    Glued to your workstation like a hawk and used to eating at your desk? We’ve got the perfect solution for your work meal dilemmas. With a new store in Shahpur Jat and delivery all over South Delhi, GoGourmet is topping our list of favourite places to eat at. You should bookmark it too! Here’s a selection of our faves to keep you going all week…

    Wrap Around

    Dig into a wholesome wrap full of ingredients that are high on taste and low on calories. Pick flavours like teriyaki, spicy tandoori or BBQ for that perfect kick of spice and flavour. You can get all of these with succulent, lean chicken and lots of garden-picked fresh veggies nestled in a multigrain tortilla. Your dietician will approve of this one for sure!

    Lean On Green

    Love binge-eating, but want to make better choices? This place has the most apt greens for you. Satiate those little hunger pangs with some crisp, Asian veggies and a sleek, chicken breast dipped in sweet chilli sauce, garnished with flat noodles. If you’re a fan of old-school salads, we’d recommend the Classic Caesar salad by GoGourmet which is loaded with herb-infused cottage cheese or chicken, and lots of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and crunchy roasted croutons (and doused in delish Caesar dressing). To top it all off, everything is gluten-free {win-win}!

    #LBBTip: Quinoa is our new favourite! Do not miss out on their Tangy Quinoa and Lentil Mini Salad that looks {and feels} all green, and is delicious. Not in a mood to try something new? Their Zesty Sprouts Salad is the answer to your hungry soul.

    Meal In A Bowl

    When in office, meet those deadlines! An easy-to-consume (yet  wholesome) meal is what we go for when we’re dying a little with all our work. So, move over messy lunch boxes; it’s time to order a nutrition-packed (but delicious) meal of teriyaki chicken with rice. Call for coastal cravings if you feel like trying something different from the usual stuff, and try a bowl filled with traditional, coconut milk based vegetable curriy paired perfectly with antioxidant rich black rice, and the perfect, subtle hints of spices. 

    Fruity Treats

    Recharge yourself in the morning with a refreshing bowl of fresh-cut fruits. Take your pick from a mix of different grapes, juicy pineapples, a medley of melons or a punch of pomegranate.  So, treat your body {and soul} right with a wholesome bowl to start your day the healthiest way.

    What’s For Dessert!

    ‘Dessert’ and ‘health’ don’t often feature in the same sentence, but we’ve got a surprise for you. Parfaits are the perfect solution to the calorie-watching sweet-toothed peeps. Light and creamy Greek yogurt topped with crunchy granola and fresh pineapple. Drooling yet? 

    A Toast To Making Choices

    A detox-drink to wash it all down and cleanse your body is a must. We love to pair an antioxidant juice or tea with our meal to keep things interesting. Check out the herbal hibiscus tea at GoGourmet, made from rose petals and sweetened with honey.

    Excited and ready for a guilt-free indulgence? Get your fix and order that nutritious and wholesome meal from GoGourmet (without worrying about ‘em diet goals). To keep a check on your calorie intake, they’ve ever-so-helpfully listed the calorie count next to each dish on their extensive menu, so you don’t have to think twice before placing your order. They’re opening up almost everywhere in town, so keep an eye out for them!

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