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Nothing spells summer like a lovely, light, breathable cotton. Or maybe we’re just romanticizing the weather, because deep down we know it’s going to get brutal, and making it sound pretty is the only way to cope. Or maybe, just look pretty.


Raw Mango is all set to launch their new cotton saree collection, Sooti, come next week, making the thought of an efficient summer wardrobe, that much more bearable. Debunking popular associations of the winter and saree, the truth is very few pieces of clothing are as season friendly. Think of all the circulation, the comfort, and most importantly the perennial beauty of the nine yards.


Cotton is a handloom India is well known for, and thus the fit for an entire new collection dedicated to it; seamless. As part of their new collection, they’re also doing a Jamdani collection, the most popular saree of the Bengal region. You can tell a Jamdani by its defining¬†characteristics- discontinuous weft pattering in thick cotton yarn, making motifs opaque surface over a translucent body. These motifs {ranging between floral, geometric and abstract}, are dispersed all over the body diagonally on a plain, unbleached background.


As for colours, think bright reds, serious greys with a dull gold and/or red border, indigo blues, and of course shades of white, cream and beige, all coming together for a perfect season.

When: 11th and 12th April

Timings: 11am-7pm

Where: Angoori Badi, Farm AA 3, Ansal Villa, Satbari, Chhatarpur

Contact: 01165026437, 9717131351

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