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Read Between The Lines At Gurgaon’s Very Own Metro Library


    The HUDA City Centre metro station now has a free library! Just leave a book you’ve already read {from cover-to-cover, we’re guessing} and pick up another one at Read Between The Lines.

    A Library With A Twist

    Unlike traditional libraries, you don’t need a membership at Read Between The Lines. All you have to do is take a book from this lovely room and replace it with a book of your own. Keep in mind that you might never get this book back. Think of it as a way to get a new book, that you’ve never read, and make space for it by giving away a book you’ve already read. It’s a space for swapping books! How cool, right?

    Don’t Want To Part With Your Books?

    Well, as long as you take a seat close to the library, you can spend many an afternoon tucked away with a book {they have seating right outside}. The only rule is that you can’t take the book home, unless you replace it with another book.

    I Spy…

    The little room had lots of romance novels, Terry Brooks’ novels and quite a few classics when we visited the place. The collection, of course, keeps changing as people keep swapping books, so it depends on how lucky you are and what gems you manage to spot.


    Don’t worry if the library is locked; just ask the guard in the office next door to open it up for you.