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#LBBReadersPicks: Your Favourite Bakeries At Dessert Bazaar 2017

Navni posted on 13th February

Since we've got our new dessert adventures all sorted, we're taking some out to revisit some old favourites too. We hope you're ready for some major stall hopping at this year's Dessert Bazaar.

Angels In My Kitchen

It started off in Defence Colony Market many years ago and soon bagged itself a regular clientele. They're good with whole cakes and chocolate-infused lemon tarts but our favourite here has to be the red velvet.


You can't go wrong with a macaron from Sugarama {our pick: Chocolate Mint} but if you're looking for something with a kick, try their Sticky Date and Caramel tea cake or the salted caramel tart.

Georgia Dakota

The first we ever came across a vegetable-based dessert {after carrot cake} was at Georgia Dakota's bakery: Zucchini chocolate muffins. And they taste much much better than you'll ever imagine. While you're here, you may want to pick up some healthy coconut granola and some flourless chocolate cookies. She knows how to keep it relatively healthy and very delicious.

Red Moon

Red Moon has some really great cookies {the ginger ones and the sugar ones are ace}; you may want to start with those and take some of their freshly-baked bread home.


We say you head to Morellos' stall with at least three of your closest friends if you want to make the most of it. They specialise in freakshakes and how. Picture a jar of milkshake topped with a bunch of dessert items including cakes, wafers, cookies, marshmallows- the works.We suggest sharing one if you want to leave space for the other stalls.


Bombaykery does most things well but if you have limited stomach space, blindly order the Nutella Sea Salt Cookies, chocolate salted caramel  mini macarons, lemon tart and blueberry baked cheesecake.

Featured photo courtesy: Georgia Dakota