Ready To Work Out? Nail Those Fitness Goals With Coach Urmi’s Kinetic Living


What Makes It Awesome?

For a lot of us, working out has not always been a priority but having that ‘dream bod’ is something we’ve always lusted over, amirite? Well, we’re here to make sure you get a solid chance to give that a shot and achieve some of your goals like how to ace that push up. .

But we’re being real - with the internet giving us multiple avenues of information when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and fitness, not everything you read or advised is true and believable. Understanding the plight to make the art of living, wellness, and fitness absolutely safe and fruitful, Coach Urmi, an energy coach and Nike trainer also happens to be a TEDx speaker passionately spreading her philosophy of “Kinetic Living” is all set to guide you to the transformation of your life. 

If agility, flexibility, core strength, body & breath awareness, strength stamina were there in your 2020 To-Do list and somehow hit hard due to ongoing pandemic, don’t worry ​as “Kinetic Living” is sure to help. The Kinetic Living app gives the audience access to workout programs that are tailored to different fitness levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced, in all settings. Additionally, it also offers workout training programs for aspiring runners. 

Free Features:

1. Technique 101: Tutorial videos

2. Motivational videos & music to spice up your workouts

3. Easy-to-make recipes from Coach Urmi's kitchen 

4. Product recommendations. 

Alongside the above mentioned, people can also opt for personalised training programs through the app, that connects them directly to the coaches. 


If you have decided to make a change this year, there’s no perfect time like the present. Coach Urmi has brought you her magic literally on your phone. She has curated a fitness brand that is right here to make that transformation. Make the most of quarantine and find your groove. What say you?