A Year Full Of Love: These Real Roses Last 365 Days & Require No Maintenance


We discovered a brand that’s doing box fulls of stunning roses that require zero maintenance and last you a whole year. Champs Fleur is making all our floral dreams come true.

Flowers Could Be Forever

Imagine waking up to a box of neatly arranged, pretty roses every day for a whole year. The team at Champs Fleur has worked hard to come up with what they call Infinity Roses, through a carefully patented preservation process. These real roses come in a beautiful arrangement, where each box requires careful planning executed by their floral artisans {and aren’t they just stunning to look at?}. Their roses require no maintenance, which is ideal if you’re someone who loves flowers, but is terrible at taking care of them. What we especially loved about their roses is the colours they come in. All the colours aren’t available all the time, so make sure you check with them beforehand. From your classic red to sky blue to champagne, purple and black {we hear this one sells out the fastest}, they’re doing a variety of colours. Each box can be customised, so you can pick a combination of colours, or varying shades of the same one.

So, We're Saying...

We’re in love with these stunning roses, check out their Instagram to see for yourself. They take orders through Whatsapp on +919100062811.