Ever Tried A Red Bull Milkshake, Or A Parle-G One? Here's Where You Can Get Both


    Named after his milkshake-wiz father, Bob’s – The Shake Store is run by Gurgaon resident Utsav Batra and is open for business in Nirvana Courtyard.

    Wacky Shakes With Lots Of Heart

    Utsav’s father spent a large part of his free time experimenting with, and perfecting, milkshake recipes and these crazy concoctions have made their way to the menu at Bob’s. So, while Butterscotch, Mango and Strawberry are fail-safe options, it’s the less conventional Parle-G and Cola Symphony shakes that set this shop apart.

    In addition to shakes, Bob’s also serves up ice-cream rolls and protein shakes for gym buffs on-the-go.

    What We Loved

    We tried the Red Bull Fiasco and we’re happy to report that it wasn’t one. In fact, the milk works surprisingly well with everyone’s favourite energy drink and the result is the fizziest milkshake we’ve ever had.

    We also sampled Utsav’s favourite shake on the menu, the Mint Choco Chip, and if you’re a fan of this popular flavor pairing, you’ll love it too.

    Anything Else?

    You can make your own signature milkshake as well and customise ice cream, add-ons and toppings {Mars bars FTW!} at Bob’s – The Shake Store. Great taste, super quick service and experimental flavours that actually work – we think you’ll like Nirvana Courtyard’s latest entrant.