The past fortnight was all about the obvious on Instagram- winter chill, fog, comfort food, and exploring Delhi before the scorching heat replaces the winter sun. We believe that some cliches never get old- including all that a 4 degree chill brings.

Perspective, perspective. Akshar Pathak’s Instagrams are definitely the most entertaining!aksharpathak-instagram-delhi #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD


Shot from Pot Belly in Shahpur Jat. PS: it’s a good spot for soaking in the winter sun. 
adhir-ghosh-pot-belly-shahpur-jat #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD


Old-school heating at a new world cafe.
akanksharedhu-rose-cafe-instagram #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD



Our friends at Free Parking Theatre take inspiration from Tarantino and Schwarzenegger. They’ve got to compete with the Pulp Fiction poster up at the LBBD HQ.arnavnanduri-posters-instagram #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD


Smokey’s {GK II} is opening to rave reviews from followers of Food Talk India. Browsing through their feed gets us hungry. 
foodtalkindia-instagram-smokeys #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD


Of all the comfort foods this winter, we’ve got to say the Pork Belly at Monkey Bar looks the best.jiasingh-monkey-bar-instagram #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD



Even pigeons have feelings. kartik86-instagram-delhi-winter #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD



While a meal at Le Cirque may set us back a couple of thousand rupees, the view in the evening and the food, as we’re old by @nainaco, makes it worth the trip.nainaco-leela-lecirque-vie-instagram #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD

The Lotus temple, on a misty winter morning. We haven’t lasted more than 5 minutes in the inner sanctorum where talking isn’t allowed. Maybe that should be be on our bucket list!shutterdiaries-instagram-bahai-temple #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD


Bhane’s upto awesomeness, as usual. Cardboard boxes are the new glass shelves.vandana-verma-instagram-bhane-meherchand-market #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD

MORE comfort food! thesnobsman-instagram #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD



We’ll play when the sun comes out! Wonder if @Sahira21 checked out Ugrasen ki baoli, which isn’t too far from Jantar Mantar.

sahira21-jantar-mantar-instagram #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD


Cyclist by day, photographer by night. One of the many alter-egos of Mr. Ahuja. That said, this really is the best time to go cycling. This might help if you’re interested in a ride through town.
shivahuja-instagram #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD


When the cold gets tough to handle, bring out the alcohol. We’re following your lead, @lastjedi 
lastjedi-instagram-cocktail #Regram these Instagrams #LBBD



Are you upto awesomeness? Put #LBBD on your Instagram shots of food, wellness, culture and interesting findings in Delhi. You could be on this next fortnight!

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