Ten-Second Takeaway

Mumbai-based Rengé, which is like having a Reformation {if you know who this is, we’ll make great friends!} equivalent in India, is coming to Delhi. Well, sorta, because they’ll be at The Pink Post Inc’s upcoming exhibit on Oct 1.

Who Is It For

Photo source: renge_india

Photo source: renge_india

If you’re on Instagram and obsessed with scouring the best indie brands coming out of the country, you’re probably already following Rengé.

I haven’t even worn or seen Rengé’s dresses, tops and other apparel in person, but they’ve got a string of cool-cats from Bombay already rocking their clothes. Follow them on Instagram here for more. The feel of the fabric aside, I’d say this label is for the uber-chic hipster. Think off-shoulder, cutouts and wrap-dresses, and let their Insta-handle do the talking.

How Was Your Experience

Rengé’s being brought to Delhi by The Pink Post Inc {TPPI}, and I’m super glad to see that their exhibit aesthetic has changed from being {mostly} Indian-wear to more contemporary and hipper labels. Kudos, TPPI!

Expect the exhibit itself to be pretty crowded {as always!}, but I’m braving the crowds and making my way to see Rengé for sure.

#LBBTip: Carry cash to the exhibit! And yes, from a few interactions via Instagram, I can also safely say that Renge’s happy to customise lengths of their dresses to suit your taste, height and preference. Not sure what their capacity will be at their stall at TPPI, but in case you can’t shop something then and there, you can always order to your doorstop via their handle.

When: Oct 1

Timings: 11am – 8pm


Check out the event page here.

Featured photo source: Renge_india