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    Bye Bye Brokers! Find your Own Nook In A Jiffy On This App

    Priya posted on 13 April

    You don’t need to be an expert to know that house hunting brings a lot of unwanted issues with it. You are bound by time and sometimes even end up settling on something that you are not too happy with. Problems are aplenty and solutions, well, limited. But fret not. We’ve got you covered in your journey to find the perfect nook, regardless of what your ideal house looks like.

    Finding The One

    When it comes to ‘your’ perfect house, the search is never going to be easy. We’ll want a good locality, a sturdy structure, nice neighbours, a certain number of rooms, an easy-going landlord… The list is endless {and exhausting}. Right?

    Our search for an easier option leads us to Nestaway app, that answered all our questions. With filters like space, sharing or independent house, locality and more, this app helps you zero in on your dream house without monumental time spent or a million roadblocks battled.

    Save Some Money

    The biggest concern with shifting in is the huge amount you pay as the security deposit. Some cities demand as much as 10 months’ of rent in security {seriously}. Add to this the pointless deductions that landlords insist on and you essentially end up losing a lot of dough. Well, for a change, on this app, you only deposit a two-month advance, which will be returned if you have been a civil member of the society. Oh, and since you are using an app and not the neighbourhood broker uncle, you save on the brokerage too! Did someone say win-win?

    Doesn’t End At Move-In

    Once you hand over your hard-earned cash to the broker, he/she can be classified as MIA, never to be seen or heard from again. So, for things like repairs and installations, you are on your own. And what about the monthly rent payment? Be ready to make the monthly pilgrimage. It’s time you say no to these old ideas of being a tenant by finding your home on this app. From repairs to monthly rent payments, all of it can be done by a simple swipe on your phone. Exciting times ahead.

    So, We Are Saying…

    Moving to a new home should not be a hassle at all. In fact, the process should be smooth and efficient. Thankfully, the Nestaway app does just that for you. Download the app, and worry less about the brokers, nosy landlords, down payments and pay attention to the more important things in life, like where to buy cool furniture from. Download your app here.

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