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    Hit The Streets With This Affordable Online Motorcycle Rental Portal

    Aditya posted on 02 October


    WheelStreets is an online bike rental aggregator that has been up and running in Delhi and Bangalore since 2014. Now in 15 cities, including Gurgaon, this service is making getting around town hassle-free and easy.

    Who Are They?

    An online bike rental portal, WheelStreets offers customers a wide range of motorcycles to choose from, and currently sees about 1,400 bookings a month. The company’s fleet is over 2,000 bikes strong, including models like Royal Enfield’s Bullet, Ducati, Thunderbird 350, Desert Storm and Kawasaki.

    How It’s Done

    All you have to do is set up an account with WheelStreets {new, or via social media accounts} and then start browsing. Just input your start and end date and times, confirm, and you will be shown a series of bikes you can rent from.

    All the available bikes will flood your screen, showing you their design, how much they cost per hour, where to pick them up, and how many of that type are available. The bikes can even be delivered to your doorstep if you sign in via Facebook.

    Easy To Use

    WheelStreets stands out from other rental services due to its ease of use. Get real-time availability updates, instant booking options and great vendor support for all bikes. The entire fleet is verified, with each bike being tested strictly.

    There is little documentation to sign, and as such you could find yourself on the road within five minutes of pick up. WheelStreets even regularly has discount offers on their website, so be sure to check that out.

    Our Say

    Affordable, easy to book and trustworthy, we think WheelStreets is going to blow up in Gurgaon. The ease with which you can book one day, or three weeks, will not go unnoticed by customers. If we can have rent-a-cars, why not-rent-a-bikes?

    Price: Starting at INR 199;  varies from bike to bike. Refundable deposit of INR 999.

    Contact: +91 8088400500

    Find out more here. Follow them on Facebook here.

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