By Rupali Lamba

Restaurant Week 2014 comes to an end this Sunday {28th September}. If you haven’t booked your {super value for money} slots yet – we would strongly recommend heading over to Sakura at Metropolitan Hotel. The multi-course meal is sure to send you to the happy place a truly great meal should!


The special meal starts with a sampler platter of appetisers. For the carnivores, that meant Kogan Ika – squid tossed in fish roe, herring, chicken, salmon, and clams. The vegetarians are served {Delhi’s inexplicable favourite} Edamame, Kimuchi, spinach with sweet sesame seed paste, and Hiyayakko i.e ginger and tofu.

I would like to interrupt the culinary journey here to say that Sakura is the best of both worlds. It serves up good, hotel quality produce, in a warm pleasurable setting that allows for comfort.


Once the first course was {quickly and easily} consumed, we were served a very wholesome platter of sushi and sashimi, post which we thought our meal was over, and we were happy and ready for dessert. BUT NO! Along came another course. This featured broiled salmon with Japanese tartar sauce, and a fried chicken with kimchi. After going through this, we ordered hot jasmine tea to help us take it all in, at which point we were served an in-depth main course! This consisted of warm miso soup, rice {which we politely sent back}, a fragrant dipping sauce, tempura prawns and veggies for {supposedly} one, and teppan prawns on a bed of veggies. Dessert was simply amazing ice cream. We tried the black sesame and the red bean option, both of which hit the mark and beyond.

If there was ever a reason for restaurant week to exist, this was it; the opportunity to savour a meal that would ordinarily cost the earth, and is not something we can famously ‘just make at home’. For just INR 1350, book a spot now! To check for available slots click here