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The Broke Couples’ Guide To Romantic Restaurants In Jaipur

    The heady rush of seeing your favourite author too much to handle? Or had a tiff with bae over the modern-day definition of feminism? Or just someone looking to make Jaipur memorable on a budget? We feel you.

    Here’s a list of restaurants in Jaipur that aren’t just for retired American tourists, but people like us and you guys; the forever chindi but forever cool-rooftop-seeking.


    It’s got all the essentials of a good hangout spot. There are haveli-like elements, a small but sunny terrace and cold coffee that costs INR 95. Is bae a food and chai person? That’d be INR 70 for a bun samosa and INR 39 for elaichi chai.

    But hey, don’t go expecting earth-shattering, gourmet food here.

    Ketli Cafe

    A favourite with college students, this is the place to head if you don’t mind going a little out of your comfort zone. This one has village huts and kettles and a very nukkad-like feel that’s bound to remind you of your teenage days of petty rebellion and rowdy night-outs.

    When here, stick to the spring rolls, fries or if you’re dying of hunger, pizza.

    O2 The Plant Cafe

    Christmas meets Alice In Wonderland in this green cafe that’s full of pretty planters and bamboo. The rooftop’s as picture-perfect as the indoor area so if you’re going on a chilly evening, you don’t have to freeze to death outside. Try their soups and teas and you can even buy a small plant to take back home. Sweet, right? 

    The Eclectica

    It’s a lovely rooftop and has great hookah we hear. They sometimes host live performances that add to its charm especially when you’ve got bae on one side and hot chocolate on the other.

    Oven - The Bakery & Cafe

    Craving something squishy and sugary but don’t want to go too far from Diggi Palace? Drop by this cafe for cheap chocolates, cakes and that smell of freshly baked goodies. Try bruschetta and soup or better still, order two desserts each {Choco Blueberry Cheesecake and Belgian Chocolate Cake, anyone?}.

    Thirsty Owl

    Want a chilly rooftop with a live performance? This is the place to go to for fun times. A regular college kids hangout, this one has awesomesauce sheesha that people love apart from the sizzlers and shakes.