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Ride This Way | See Delhi by Cycle

    By Rashi Wadhera

    Two of our staffers are obsessed with cycle tours in different cities. Having done them in Spain, Bali, Paris and Istanbul, they are of the opinion there's no better way to see a city. You cover more distance than you do on foot, still get to enjoy the outdoors, get a taste of local life, and if you've ever cycled up hill, you know the positive effects on your quads. In retrospect.

    When we discovered Delhi by Cycle, we were goners. And not because we got run over trying to cycle in the city, but because we were super psyched about having found a homegrown equivalent. Almost. Having tried and tested it multiple times, we'll tell you this. It's a great way to get to know pockets of the city; since you cycle in large numbers, you won't get run over {ps: all the Dilliwaalas, all the dodging is no different to what you do every other day on the road}, and the guides make it all worth your while. Dutchman Jack Leenaars started this five years ago {Homegrown-almost}; it was his attempt to discover the by lanes of the city on his cycle. After having a few people join him, he realised the potential, and switched to high gear. Delhi by Cycle now offers five full fledged, English guided tours, all atop orange cycles, with the added feature of a Hindi translator on call. The Shah Jahan Tour takes you through Old Delhi, complete with Asia's largest spice market, and a flavourful meal at Karims. The Yamuna Tour, perhaps the most unique, allows you to ride into the walled city of Old Delhi, with a boat ride on the Yamuna as a bonus. The Haveli Tour explores Old Delhi {with a breakfast in the Haveli}, The Raj Tour takes you through New Delhi {breakfast at Bengali Sweet House}, and last The Nizamuddin Route covers, well, you guess this one.

    As for safety concerns and other logistics, they'll give you the bikes, and help you navigate your way between pedestrians, cows, dogs, and Delhi's famous pop up stores, that set up house and home in the middle of busy intersections. Routes are carefully designed to minimize danger, and since up to 9 people can go on one tour, groups are large enough to help deter accidents. We recommend getting in on this during winter months; although they start early to try and beat the heat in summer, we know heat always wins. Whatever time of day. Or night. Or dawn. If you're a family with little kids, they'll provide a baby seat free of charge, and even have small bikes so the slightly older juniors can ride along. This is up to the parents' discretion.

    Five routes, online payments, and a team of wonderful, vibrant and well-read guides, even if you know your Capital, we recommend doing Delhi by Cycle for an entirely different and wholesome experience!

    Notes in our Little Black Book |

    Delhi by Cycle offers  guided cycle tours, in English, for groups of people, with the option of over 5 tours, ranging from Old Delhi to New Delhi, hitting all hot spots and tourist sites. They will provide you with the cycles, and routes are specially designed keeping in mind the less than friendly streets of the city.

    Where: Get a full list of tours, meeting points and book a tour, here.

    Price: Starts at INR 1750