Love museums, but haven’t found a museum that you love? Don’t give up just yet. Thoughtfully conceptualized, perfectly curated and faultlessly lit {a crucial detail of the trifecta!}, there’s a little gem in Gurgaon that sets all of it right. Vintage and classic cars, railway, aviation, and two-wheeler displays dating back to when it all started, coupled with details of evolution of the automotive industry, Heritage Transport Museum is every automotive buff’s paradise.

Located on NH-8 towards Manesar, Heritage Transport Museum shows a certain line of history while shedding light on the more conceptual notions of civilisation and movement. It starts a dialogue about how mobility worked as a driving force {ha!} on society and culture. 75 vintage and classic cars staged on a brilliantly orchestrated retro Indian street reflect the evolution of the Indian car industry. If you’re a railway, aviation or two-wheeler buff, you’ll find all that you fancy. The Collectible Indian Toys on Transport is not just a beautiful commentary on our childhood fascination with motors and anything that moved, but will also make you miss your long-lost and much loved tin train or wooden rocking horse which, by all means, would have found a home in this classy shelter.

New additions to the permanent collections include single spectacles like a charming goat cart; the temporary collection is joined by a 1934 Humber, on loan to the museum for 6 months by a private collector. {We suspect it’s the Crawley family!}

The ongoing exhibition, titled ‘Imagining The Past, Envisioning the Future’ focuses on themes of how far we’ve come and where we’re going. Rather simple you may think, but it explores deeper motivations of individuals and civilizations that push creations of movement which run on longer than we do. We’re so impressed! It’s a bit of a drive, but hey, what could be better to make us appreciate the evolution of transport!

Where: Bilaspur-Tauro Road, Off NH8

Contact: +91-11-2371 8100 or click here. 

Price: INR 300 for an adult day pass