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On The Right Track | Bitches Brew by Crosses

Editors posted on 5th June

By Arsh Sharma

I play for the Delhi based bands “The Circus” and “FuzzCulture". I’ve been playing music since the age of 14, and listening to tons of metal records by artists such as Slayer, Megadeth and Testament, which is what really pushed me into picking up a guitar myself. After playing metal through most of high school, it became all about industrial and alternative music, and that’s what I’ve been into for the better part of the last eight years or so. My first band  was in school with my future “FuzzCulture” bandmate Srijan Mahajan, and a friend of mine called Bacchus. I had always wanted to be part of a live band, from a very young age, and that was the only thing I think I ever wanted to do. I formed The Circus in 2007, which is an alternative music act. That time the scene was a little different and maybe a little smaller {and a lot more fun if I remember correctly} than it is now. With time, I was looking to diversify,  so I ended up forming “FuzzCulture” with Srijan Mahajan, which is an “Industrial/Bass Music” act with slightly different roots than what constitutes The Circus.

Having been in the music scene for so many years now, I handpicked a track to share this week - a track called “Bitches Brew” by Crosses; the side project of the Deftones singer Chino Moreno. Don't let the decidedly aggressive name put you off. It is a haunting and complex alternative track. It starts with a heavy kick and snare drum punch, before shifting to a post-industrial chorus, the hooks of which are highly catchy, while still retaining a bit of melancholy. The chorus of the song is what really got me hooked, with the lines “From the flames of the fire/ I see you crawl into my bed” being etched into my mind, with spooky amorous activity being its imagery. The video is a great addition to the song, and I love the way Crosses has done all its artwork, with most of it being tied intricately into the video. The song ends with something reminiscent of a heavy Deftones style section, with dirty industrial overtones, and the minute you’re done - hitting the replay button seems like the only sensible thing to do. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy it!

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